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Digital Printed Pamphlet

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We offer digitally printed leaflet-flyers-pamphlet printing service for A4, A5 & A6 sizes, which covers Maplitho, Art Paper or Glossy Paper (90 Gsm, 100 GSM & 130 Gsm), All A4, A5 & A6 Pamphlet are printed on colors advanced Digital Printing Machine for small quantity. We have our own setup with the latest machinery. 

We can print from 1 flyer to many Flyers or you can call us on Aditya on 9823440690 for your custom size and we can help you with your size.

Paper, size and Ink Option

We provide you with 4 color printing on the front as well as on the backside of the paper with aqueous coating and UV coating of your gloss papers. These color options truly add an ultra-shiny and protective finish to give a great look and feel to your brochure. The options we provide you in printing include die-cutting, foil stamping, embossing, and custom fold to best meet your brochure printing needs.

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Pricing Option

SizeA4 (8.5 x 11 in)A5 (5.8 x 8.3 in)A6 (4.1 x 5.8 in)
90 GSM Art Glossy Paper100 GSM Glossy Art Paper130 GSM Glossy Art Paper90 GSM Art Glossy Paper100 GSM Glossy Art Paper130 GSM Glossy Art Paper90 GSM Art Glossy Paper100 GSM Glossy Art Paper130 GSM Glossy Art Paper
10Single Side₹250.00₹265.00₹275.00₹200.00₹215.00₹225.00₹150.00₹175.00₹200.00
Both Side₹300.00₹315.00₹325.00₹250.00₹265.00₹275.00₹175.00₹225.00₹250.00
25Single Side₹350.00₹375.00₹400.00₹250.00₹265.00₹275.00₹175.00₹225.00₹250.00
Both Side₹375.00₹400.00₹425.00₹275.00₹285.00₹300.00₹200.00₹250.00₹275.00
50Single Side₹725.00₹750.00₹775.00₹420.00₹470.00₹500.00₹275.00₹300.00₹325.00
Both Side₹775.00₹800.00₹825.00₹450.00₹500.00₹530.00₹300.00₹325.00₹350.00
100Single Side₹1,350.00₹1,450.00₹1,550.00₹750.00₹800.00₹850.00₹425.00₹475.00₹525.00
Both Side₹1,550.00₹1,650.00₹1,750.00₹850.00₹900.00₹950.00₹500.00₹525.00₹550.00
200Single Side₹2,000.00₹2,200.00₹2,400.00₹1,100.00₹1,300.00₹1,500.00₹725.00₹750.00₹775.00
Both Side₹2,300.00₹2,500.00₹2,700.00₹1,300.00₹1,500.00₹1,700.00₹800.00₹825.00₹850.00
300Single Side₹2,400.00₹2,600.00₹2,800.00₹2,000.00₹2,200.00₹2,400.00₹1,100.00₹1,200.00₹1,300.00
Both Side₹2,600.00₹2,800.00₹3,000.00₹1,600.00₹1,800.00₹2,000.00₹1,300.00₹1,400.00₹1,500.00
500Single Side₹2,500.00₹2,700.00₹2,900.00₹2,100.00₹2,300.00₹2,500.00₹1,750.00₹1,850.00₹1,950.00
Both Side₹2,700.00₹2,900.00₹3,200.00₹2,300.00₹2,500.00₹2,700.00₹1,950.00₹2,050.00₹2,150.00

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Digital Printed Pamphlet

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We offer Custom leaflet-flyers-pamphlet printing service for any size and paper, which covers Maplitho, Art Paper (90 Gsm, 100 GSM & 130 Gsm), All Flyers are printed on 4 color advanced Offset Printing Machine for large quantity.

You can create flyers by adding some text on already designed templates. Flyers can be printed to promote your Business or Display some of your Products on the wall. 

We can print from 1 flyers to many Flyers or you can call us on Aditya on 9823440690 for your custom size we can help you with your size.

Uploading online Flyers is very simple on website where you can see actual preview of your uploaded Flyer and then you can select the different quantity. We provide delivery across India for all types of Flyers Prints. Browse for the Flyers ideas available in our Leaflets, Flyers Print Section or you can order from our professional designers by sending mail on 

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