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Backlit Vinyl Print

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Quick Overview

Backlit self adhesive vinyl sticker printed with hi resolution printers. This print are then mounted on LED frame, which enhance the picture. This frame are perfect for catching the eye of your prospective customers. High resolution translucent adhesive vinyl will stand the test of time. Backlit self adhesive vinyl are the ideal tools to use in designing the interior or exterior of your retail store or windows.

Backlit self adhesive vinyl is an incredible marketing communication tool and excellent way to enhance your business. With the right design, Backlit self adhesive vinyl can help your business stand out from the competition, increase your customer flow and turnover immensely, while re-enforcing your brand identity to keep customers coming back time after time. This Backlit vinyl print can be repalce with very less cost by keeping the LED back lit frame intact.

Printposters work with you to define exactly what your location demands from custom sizes to adhesive backing and mounting with different material. Bank Lit Vinyl print is printed with 1400 Resolution or 4800 resolution. You can expect more than photo quality in 4800 resolution print. We offer premium quality Back lit printing service on imported Vinyl Paper.  We use Hi-end large format printers for reproducing vivid colour and excellent image quality.


Pricing Option

SizeBack lit Print with LED Frame
Backlit PrintHi Resolution Backlit PrintBacklit Print with LED Frame
12 Inch X 12 Inch₹150.00₹200.00₹1,500.00
12 Inch X 18 Inch₹175.00₹250.00₹2,200.00
18 Inch X 18 Inch ₹225.00₹300.00₹3,300.00
18 Inch X 24 Inch ₹300.00₹400.00₹4,500.00
24 Inch X 24 Inch ₹350.00₹500.00₹6,000.00
24 Inch X 36 Inch₹500.00₹800.00₹9,000.00

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Backlit Vinyl Print

Back Lit Vinyl print with LED Frame
  • Back Lit Vinyl Back Lit Vinyl
  • Back Lit Vinyl print with LED Frame Back Lit Vinyl print with LED Frame

The exceptional printing quality and speed of our printer makes our services highly economical with time saving. Also, we offer door step delivery via courier agency. Do get in touch with us for information related to pricing and other details. We assure you that we can offer you highest quality printing at competitive lowest printing rates.

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