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Sticker Print

Sticker Print

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Best quality Sticker printing in India on Vinyl or paper based on your preferred application. Stickers could be used in Industry or on Products.

Best Price

Best quality Sticker printing in India on Vinyl or paper based on your preferred application. Stickers could used in Industry or on Products.


Stickers-Labels are printed on PVC material and can be paste on any material with high qlue, which has a good adherence for printed inks. It has flexible & non-tearable property, waterproof nature, good protection against direct sunlight which avoid colour fading & cracking results in good shelf life. Stickers-Labels has 15 to 20 years of indoor shelf life. This Stickers-Labels can directly paste on any surface.

Stickers-Labels is a Premium Vinyl (PVC) Media, which can directly paste on any oil free surface. We use branded Vinyls manufactured by Avery / 3M / Technova / LG / Star media. Vinyl media has matt & gloss appearance. We use the branded machine which gives deep cut while making decals which has an accuracy of 0.01 MM highest in the Industry. Printposters do lots of dedicated job of sticker printing for Industries.

We have dedicated Epson and Canon High-Resolution Printer. We offer print output which has vibrantly printed results, due to additional ink colours, details in High-Light, Mid tones and Shadows are retailed, reproducing vivid colour and excellent image quality. The exceptional printing quality at high speed due to the dual print head of our printers makes our services highly economical with time-saving due to fast turnaround time.

Uploading online your image from the Upload section.  Online Stickers-Labels service is very simple on website where you can see an actual preview of your uploaded photo and then you can select the different quantity from the price matrix. We provide delivery across India for all types of decals.

Customer can choose from gloss stickers and labels from our online Sticker Printing  section. Gloss or matte Vinyl stickers can be made to any size or shape for truly custom stickers, they are also fully weather, water and UV resistant. Gloss paper stickers are available with lamination or without lamination in a wide range of shapes and sizes and prove to be very cost effective

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