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Vinyl Print

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Quick Overview

Vinyl Printing technically known as PVC sheet printingVinyl banner substrates is available from any square feet height to any width of any dimensions.

Vinyl banners have many uses ranging from to promote a company's logo, special promotion activity, events, wall stickersdisplay bannersVinyl DecalVinyl Sticker Printing.

Vinyl is a very flexible, non-terrible as well as portable material. There are two types of Vinyl available in the market, matte vinyl and glossy vinyl. The customer can print photos on photo vinyl pp using our branded machines like Canon and Epson, which gives a wide gamut compared to the photo printed on the post card.

Vinyl printed on our machine is with waterproof inks, which does not require lamination where you can save the cost. This Vinyl can be used for Indoor Branding as well as outdoor activity. Vinyl Decal Stickers is used for wall decoration in homes. We only used original inks for printing purpose hence our quality in always on the higher side compared to our peers. Always ask for original inks.

Vinyl printing can be done on for Small posters, Indoor / outdoor posters, large posters which are used in the Shopping mall or office. In Vinyl, there are different types of Media available for printing as peruses of the customers. This Vinyl can be used for

Please choose image size in which white portion outside the image remains less. Image is adjusted according to aspect ratio hence customer may see some white portion outside the image area. In the final output customer will not see white portion outside image. White portion outside the image is just for indication.In above image viewer we tried to show exact Canvas print image high and width adjusted by considering 7 feet sofa.
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Description of the product

  • Vinyl
  • Matte Vinyl
  • Glossy Vinyl

We can print daily 5000 Square Feet of HD quality. We offer banner which has a life of 3 years outdoor and 7 - 10 years indoor. You can stick this Vinyl Banner on any wall or 3 MM Foam board.

Product Specification

Bigger size banners can be created by welding smaller panels together to create one large banner 

3 M Three-ply material with PVC on the outside layers and 1000x1000 denier polyester scrim inside. Vinyl banners with Solvent ink have a semi-gloss finish.

Ideas for Fleet

  •     Moving billboards-fleet i.e on Vehicle Promotion
  •     Railway graphics

Ideas for In-Store

  •     Short-term graphics for in-store promotions (Product promotion, Price change)
  •     Cladding solution for visual merchandising
  •     Floor graphics.
  •     Column Wraps (Information)
  •     Thin Light Boards
  •     Elevator/escalator graphics

Ideas for Exteriors

  •     Side-walk graphics
  •     Building wraps
  •     Promotional banners
  •     Graphics on brick walls

Ideas on Glass

  •     One-way vision graphics on glass
  •     Graphics on glass
  •     Living poster

Ideas for Sports & Events

  •     Standee branding
  •     Fleet graphics
  •     Side-walk graphics
  •     Flags & banners
  •     Building wraps

Ideas for Interiors

  •     Wall cladding
  •     Kiosk cladding
  •     Way-finding/Facility signs with brand colors
  •     Branded floors

Ideas for Fleet

  •     Branding on delivery vans
  •     Employee transport Vehicles
  •     Marine cargo containers
  •     Aircrafts
  •     Reflective graphics for brand visibility at night

Ideas with Digital Signage

  •     New product launch communication across branches without local intervention
  •     Customized regional communication with centralized control
  •     Cross-selling initiatives based on time of the day or day of the week
  •     Employee training reinforcement to enhance selling & customer services processes
  •     Communicate important/mandatory information to customers while they wait at branches/outlets

Ideas for Ambient Graphics

  •     Brand message on walls
  •     Eco-friendly interior graphics
  •     Consistent look & feel across locations

Ideas for Architectural Finishes

  •     Mess free, overnight, refurbishment
  •     Wall cladding with LEED credits
  •     Wood finish without wood
  •     Metal finish without metal

Ideas for Glass Decoration

  •     Privacy, decoration & safety on glass partitions
  •     Brand messages on glass

 A new range of solutions for branding and graphics applications Customer can create unique, interesting & branded ambiences at Branches & ATMs Direct–on–wall film with our Vinyl print solutions come with a bubble-free graphics     Graphic films that can perfectly wrap around the contours of ATM machines and vehicles used as collection vans/mobile ATMs Offerings from the 3M Graphics portfolio can reproduce vivid imagery on walls Floors, partitions, doors and windows. From fashioning a full pane of frosted glass to crafting an offbeat design or even creating a special ambience is now easy, thanks to an imaginative range of specialized materials that can be printed in unlimited colours and imagery, and applied on walls, glass, wood, steel, aluminium composite panels and more. Printposters Graphics portfolio for Interiors uses a new age of aesthetics, providing flexible, fast, convenient and cost-effective options for architects, interior designers, contractors and clients. Printposters produced to a set quality printing which ensures adaptability and quality, for your product. This stands out from the other competitors. There are various options available in our printposters portfolio which offer innovative methods to enhance brand image and deliver communication that conveys your brand promise and corporate identity consistently. Convenient uses of products, which make your advertising or promotions of top quality and also which makes your brand stronger. Printposters allows your brand to leverage a whole new array of real estate at these transit points like walls, columns, floors and other surfaces while minimizing your advertising cost and maximizing return on investment. For your Automobile printposters offers Non-illuminated and back-lit signs, Building and window graphics, Vehicle graphics, Advertising, displays and promotional events, Floor and pavement graphics.

Printing Resolution:

Full Color Printing in CMYK mode.

Eco-Solvent 1440 DPI

Printing Turnaround Time:

After Graphic Approval, 5 Business working Days.


12 * 12 Inch
30 * 30 Cm
Rs. 100 Rs. 150
12 * 18 Inch
30 * 46 Cm
Rs. 150 Rs. 225
18 * 24 Inch
46 * 61 Cm
Rs. 210 Rs. 390
18 * 30 Inch
46 * 76 Cm
Rs. 275 Rs. 500
18 * 36 Inch
46 * 91 Cm
Rs. 325 Rs. 600
24 * 24 Inch
61 * 61 Cm
Rs. 300 Rs. 550
24 * 30 Inch
61 * 76 Cm
Rs. 350 Rs. 650
24 * 36 Inch
61 * 91 Cm
Rs. 435 Rs. 780
24 * 48 Inch
61 * 122 Cm
Rs. 575 Rs. 1050
24 * 60 Inch
61 * 152 Cm
Rs. 700 Rs. 1300
30 * 30 Inch
76 * 76 Cm
Rs. 450 Rs. 850
30 * 36 Inch
76 * 91 Cm
Rs. 550 Rs. 1000
36 * 36 Inch
91 * 91 Cm
Rs. 650 Rs. 1200
36 * 48 Inch
91 * 122 Cm
Rs. 850 Rs. 1600
36 * 60 Inch
91 * 152 Cm
Rs. 1000 Rs. 1900
36 * 72 Inch
91 * 183 Cm
Rs. 1200 Rs. 2250
48 * 48 Inch
122 * 122 Cm
Rs. 1000 Rs. 2000
48 * 60 Inch
122 * 152 Cm
Rs. 1300 Rs. 2500
48 * 72 Inch
122 * 183 Cm
Rs. 1550 Rs. 3000
60 * 72 Inch
152 * 183 Cm
Rs. 1800 Rs. 3600
60 * 84 Inch
152 * 213 Cm
Rs. 2000 Rs. 4000

Vinyl Print

Vinyl Printing
  • Vinyl Print Vinyl Print
  • Vinyl Printing Vinyl Printing