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Canvas Prints

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Quick Overview

A Canvas Prints is stretched over a “pine wood stretcher bar” - a thick wooden frame, to which the canvas is stapled to. Image or painting is sized and positioned correctly over stretched canvas print.  Hooks are provided for Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print frame in order to be displayed.

Stretcher bar frame is usually 0.75 to 1” thick. As a result, staples used to secure the canvas are not visible. The sides of the canvas are prepared and primed in the same manner as the face or front. In case of Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints, sides or wrapped edges can have solid colors or part of image. The image on the sides is either a continuation or a reflection of the main image, or an otherwise fabricated element such as a solid color or colors derived from the adjacent image.

Roll canvas is converted in to Gallery wrap Canvas Print, which is very popular in displaying art or Family photo. Full image is wrapped around the wooden frame. Canvas prints is one of the best option to decor your wall where customer can upload his wedding photographs and gift to his wife or husband on his anniversary.

You can convert any Paining, Photo in to Canvas Print. Just upload the photo on this site and select custom size to Print.

Please choose image size in which white portion outside the image remains less. Image is adjusted according to aspect ratio hence customer may see some white portion outside the image area. In the final output customer will not see white portion outside image. White portion outside the image is just for indication.In above image viewer we tried to show exact Canvas print image high and width adjusted by considering 7 feet sofa.
Save and Next

Selected Image

Edited Image


Order Processing 

  • After uploading image the website will check image for aspect ratio as well as for image quality for selected size and recommend the user about it.
  • After pressing select size and next button website will check image for quality and highlight the size in green color with Thumb up sign. Customer can select same size for processing the image.
  • After selecting the size customer can preview image in 3 D preview button for different types.
  • If Customer don’t find size, which is mentioned in the size tab he or she can Custom size as per there requirement.
  • In Custom size your one parameter like Width could move with Height selection. It maintains the size of as per aspect ratio.
  • In Process Tab Customer can adjust Brightness or Contrasts and can crop the image as per requirement.
  • If Customer want to Edit the image like adding some message or putting some symbol he or she can do from edit tab
  • In last tab Order Summery Customer can see all selected options.
  • Customer can give Project name and add the Cart or upload another image if he or she wants to order.  


Rolled Canvas Print : It comes in Roll form where customer can manufacture frame at there end. Roll Canvas comes in Exact size selected by customer. It is packed in Hard core paper tube with 2 layers of Bubble wrap on it.

Stretched Canvas Print: It comes with Pine wood frame, which has white border on side. If user photo dont have margin of  2 Inch on each side then customer can select this type of Canvas Prints. This type of frame is packed in Box or 2 Layers of Carton with 2 Layers of Bubble wrap sheet on it.

Gallery Wrap Canvas Print or Giclee Print or Mounted Canvas Print: In this type your Full picture is Wrapped around the pine wood frame. This type of frame is packed in Box or 2 Layers of Carton with 2 Layers of Bubble wrap sheet on it.

Printing can be done on a canvas or vinyl media of any size. You can print any photo or painting onto a Canvas makes beautiful art piece, which can be hung in a home, office or where ever one likes. Customer can print any photograph, which is taken from any camera & turns into best wall art. Customer can use focus light (mainly yellow color) which turns Canvas print into 3 D Canvas Print.

Canvas Print that has been produced using a computerized photograph where customer upload his Wedding Photograph, Birthday Photographs, any famous Painting or any special occasion photo to turn this into wall art.

Taking your favorite Photograph and creating timeless fine art using Canvas Prints is a wonderful gifting idea to your loved ones or it can be a great addition to home design. Truly, this type of Canvas print technology is becoming widespread in India as people are realizing their pictures have a life beyond the tired photo album viewing to their home walls with full of memory.

This kind of innovation has changed individuals understanding of their photos which now can be hung on the wall. User can also use yellow light effect on the frame which will highlight the photo

Customized Canvas Prints are made straight forwardly from your photograph (taken from Camera) & by utilizing on cutting edge printing innovation. The procedure includes customer uploads photographs on the site and choose the size as per image aspect ratio and Pixel. The machine then makes a bigger picture of your photo on a canvas, the accurate size is your decision but websites suggests the appropriate size according to aspect ratio of the image and resolution of the uploaded photograph. The final result is a substantial, wonderful print of one of your most loved pictures that you can then hung on the wall. Canvas printing is an innovation where somebody just have to hung the photo on wall & it will summarized your loved ones. Canvas printing quality is so high that anyone simply looking at the picture will think that someone has painted the photo print. You can either upload the nature photo which will give a 3 d effect.

The magnificence of giclee canvas prints is that you can get it of any size you pick. In the event that you have an enormous wall you need to be sprinkled with shading, pick a brilliant print to make the photo brilliant. Even you can use light which turn your Canvas prints into brilliant wall art. User can understand the advantages of canvas printing to make his extraordinary wall to wall art master piece. Top end Canvas media has general life of 50 years

If you are considering Photo Printing on Canvas for yourself or for someone close to you, they really are a beautiful gift or addition to a home as a wall art. It is one of the best ways to take a photo and memorialize it. The Canvas print is something you will be able to pass down through your family generation through the years as it last more years.

8 * 8 Inch
20 * 20 Cm
Rs. 299 Rs. 399 Rs. 499
8 * 10 Inch
20 * 25 Cm
Rs. 299 Rs. 499 Rs. 569
8 * 12 Inch
20 * 30 Cm
Rs. 299 Rs. 529 Rs. 599
10 * 10 Inch
25 * 25 Cm
Rs. 299 Rs. 599 Rs. 699
10 * 20 Inch
25 * 51 Cm
Rs. 399 Rs. 799 Rs. 899
12 * 12 Inch
30 * 30 Cm
Rs. 399 Rs. 799 Rs. 899
12 * 18 Inch
30 * 46 Cm
Rs. 599 Rs. 899 Rs. 999
12 * 20 Inch
30 * 51 Cm
Rs. 699 Rs. 999 Rs. 1099
12 * 24 Inch
30 * 61 Cm
Rs. 699 Rs. 1299 Rs. 1399
12 * 36 Inch
30 * 91 Cm
Rs. 899 Rs. 1549 Rs. 1649
16 * 16 Inch
41 * 41 Cm
Rs. 799 Rs. 1199 Rs. 1299
16 * 24 Inch
41 * 61 Cm
Rs. 799 Rs. 1349 Rs. 1449
16 * 32 Inch
41 * 81 Cm
Rs. 999 Rs. 1899 Rs. 1999
18 * 18 Inch
46 * 46 Cm
Rs. 799 Rs. 1500 Rs. 1650
18 * 24 Inch
46 * 61 Cm
Rs. 899 Rs. 1600 Rs. 1775
18 * 30 Inch
46 * 76 Cm
Rs. 999 Rs. 1899 Rs. 1999
18 * 36 Inch
46 * 91 Cm
Rs. 1049 Rs. 2299 Rs. 2399
20 * 20 Inch
51 * 51 Cm
Rs. 799 Rs. 1499 Rs. 1599
20 * 30 Inch
51 * 76 Cm
Rs. 1099 Rs. 2049 Rs. 2149
20 * 40 Inch
51 * 102 Cm
Rs. 1299 Rs. 2499 Rs. 2599
24 * 24 Inch
61 * 61 Cm
Rs. 899 Rs. 1699 Rs. 1799
24 * 30 Inch
61 * 76 Cm
Rs. 1199 Rs. 2299 Rs. 2399
24 * 36 Inch
61 * 91 Cm
Rs. 1299 Rs. 2399 Rs. 2499
24 * 48 Inch
61 * 122 Cm
Rs. 1399 Rs. 4449 Rs. 4549
26 * 32 Inch
66 * 81 Cm
Rs. 1299 Rs. 2449 Rs. 2549
30 * 30 Inch
76 * 76 Cm
Rs. 1399 Rs. 2999 Rs. 3099
30 * 60 Inch
76 * 152 Cm
Rs. 2599 Rs. 5899 Rs. 5999
32 * 40 Inch
81 * 102 Cm
Rs. 1599 Rs. 4399 Rs. 4449
36 * 36 Inch
91 * 91 Cm
Rs. 1599 Rs. 4149 Rs. 4249
36 * 42 Inch
91 * 107 Cm
Rs. 2200 Rs. 4899 Rs. 4999
36 * 48 Inch
91 * 122 Cm
Rs. 2450 Rs. 5599 Rs. 5799
36 * 60 Inch
91 * 152 Cm
Rs. 2599 Rs. 5899 Rs. 5999
36 * 72 Inch
91 * 183 Cm
Rs. 3149 Rs. 7199 Rs. 7399
42 * 48 Inch
107 * 122 Cm
Rs. 3499 Rs. 5999 Rs. 6099
42 * 60 Inch
107 * 152 Cm
Rs. 3699 Rs. 6899 Rs. 6999
42 * 72 Inch
107 * 183 Cm
Rs. 4099
50 * 72 Inch
127 * 183 Cm
Rs. 4825
50 * 84 Inch
127 * 213 Cm
Rs. 6000
50 * 90 Inch
127 * 229 Cm
Rs. 6750

Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints
  • Gallery Wrap Canvas Prints Gallery Wrap Canvas Prints

How to place order on printposters.in

Visit https://printposters.in website

1. "Upload Photo" button on the Canvas Prints

2. Select the photograph by choosing “upload photo” button

3. After uploading is finish, choose “select size and next” button for choosing the size and frame option on the right side

4. Please choose image size, which is highlighted by our website according to the aspect ratio of image and image quality. Image is adjusted according to aspect ratio hence customer may see some border outside the image area. In the final output customer will not see any border outside image. Border outside the image is just for indication.

5. In above image viewer we tried to show how your Canvas print image will look after printing (Indication purpose). The height and width of the image is adjusted by considering 7 feet sofa

6. The cost of the Canvas Printing varies according to the size of the canvas and type of frame options. Types of Canvas print

  • Roll Canvas
  • Stretched Canvas Print
  • Gallery Wrap Canvas Print