Please choose image size in which white portion outside the image remains less. Image is adjusted according to aspect ratio hence customer may see some white portion outside the image area. In the final output customer will not see white portion outside image. White portion outside the image is just for indication.In above image viewer we tried to show exact Canvas print image high and width adjusted by considering 7 feet sofa.

Selected Image

Edited Image


Online Canvas Print

Printposters.in offers you online Canvas prints service at very convenient way.User has to just upload the photo after that website will automatically recommend size as per image quality and aspect ratio. 

Canvas prints has become the popular artwork to decorate your room or office. Many people are there who choose the canvas print can upload image online for canvas print. Even they can see how their Canvas prints look like if we place above the sofa. Customer can upload his / her image online for Stretched or Gallery wrap Canvas print

This Canvas prints makes their house attractive and good looking. In Stretched Canvas Print side border will be of white color. In Gallery wrap Canvas print boarder will cover with the image. The same image is wrapped around the Pine wood Frame.

Printing can be done on a Canvas media of any size. You can print any photo or painting onto a Canvas which makes beautiful art piece. This can be hung in a home, office or where ever one likes. Customer can print any photograph, which is taken from any camera & turns into best wall art. Customer can use focus light (mainly yellow color) which turns Canvas print into 3 D canvas print. Upload the photo and order the Canvas print online is very easy in Printposters.in

Canvas printing Online

A canvas print is an image which is reproduced onto a canvas and put on display. Canvas printing is done in situations of interior design requirements or you can use them to display your personal photographs as well. The basic aim of a Canvas print is to portray the effect of acrylic painting on a stretch canvas.

With the advancement in technology many printing companies have ventured into providing canvas printing facilities .What's more, this process has become so popular that these companies now provide canvas printing online too. All the customer has to do is to follow the 4 simple steps and the print company takes care of the rest.

  • 1)      Upload the photo that you intend to get printed
  • 2)      Select the size of the canvas you need.
  • 3)      Identify the kind of effect you want to portray.
  • 4)      Verify the order and you will receive it by post.


Canvas printing is a highly successful method of printing and has been successful due to its vast benefits some of which are:

·               Artistic feel

          The most important aspect of canvas printing is the beautiful effect it gives to the pictures. The more impressive your       print is going to be the better impact it has on its viewers and hence it becomes more marketable.

·               Durability

Transferring your photo or document to canvas form obviously lends it durability and that is also the reason why paintings in art galleries survive for many years without any damage. So if you are printing your personal photos rest assured they will withhold all harm for many years.

Three-dimensional feel

Using a canvas print lends a certain 3D effect to the photograph and they really stand out wherever they are placed. This translates into business for professional photographs that have put their work up for viewing.

Canvas printing though a fairly old technique is still very popular due to the effect it manages to give to the photo. The fact that canvas printing facilities are now available online makes this job much easier now .So if you want to get any of your memory framed then  remember it is just a click way .


Online Canvas Print
Online Canvas Print
Online Canvas Printing