The Best Places to Print Your Own Wall Art & Wallpaper print is with Printposters

It’s time for a wall decor — of your walls, not your outlook. Wall art lets you make sweeping style changes without an extensive investment or commitment. Wallpaper prints start with Rs. 90 per sq feet. It takes only one day to cover area of 500 - 1000 sq feet.

Peel-and-stick wallpaper art is an inexpensive, easy-to-remove alternative to traditional wallpaper — easy enough on the budget as well as for its property and walls that you can change it out every couple of years as your design tastes evolve. can create custom wall decals, murals and wallpaper in any style, fabric, colour scheme and photo variety imaginable.

Order a wallpaper on on our websites, make sure you’re using the best photos for the job. Choose an image for your custom wall art with these three things in mind:

1. Select an image you actually own or select the image from our library

Our website abides by copyright laws and asks you to confirm that you’re the owner of any images you submit for printing. If you’re not the owner of an image (say, a family friend took the photo), make sure you get their permission in writing to reproduce the work.

2. Check the resolution and aspect ratio of the image

Always consider the resolution of the digital file you want to print. Our sites recommend an image resolution of at least 75 dots per inch (dpi) or 500 pixels for 1 sq feet area. But to play it safe, more is always better. If you’re going with an image that you want to enlarge, we recommend selecting an image that is 150 to 300 dpi, the same standards used at our professional printing house. To check the resolution of an image, right click on it and review its properties in the details tab. You can email us the image before ordering on our site to check quality
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3. Pick the right colours

Selecting a high-resolution image isn’t the only thing to consider. You should review the colours as well. Custom websites print in either sRGB, RGB or CMYK, which are colour models used in printing. For example, the shadows in your RGB image may look black on your computer screen, but if the image isn’t converted to CMYK, those shadows will look like a murky yellow or brown. We always suggest before placing the order always email us the image.
For the kids’ bedrooms wallpapers thinks of the young at heart when it comes to personalized wall decals. Create your own decals and murals or incorporate popular characters from your children’s favourite films into the designs.

Create a family chore chart with family members’ names, or design a decal from scratch using any combination of colours, shapes, clip art or monogram details.

So go ahead and print that photo of your little leaguer hitting a home run; we’re sure it’ll be your child’s favourite bedroom addition.