How to showcase your products in the exhibition using standee

If you are a commercial marketer and have just entered the world of trading probably you need some basic tricks for marketing.

Most of the newbies are not aware of the tactic used by the advertisers. Either marketing is expensive or they involve different unfordable perplex strategies.

Do you have a product?

If yes! Then we are here to help you with the least money and more branding.

How to showcase your products in the exhibition using standee

To display your product, you need to have a product of course. Whatever your product is you need a specification for that. The one that has all the details.

It will help you gain your growth in the market. You have to wisely determine your target audience, planning, distributions and many more.

Reasons to prefer a standee:


Standee printing is useful for promoting a product at an event. It is because of their creative look, colorful illustration and big font that makes it attractive for observers. A standee at an exhibition should have all the details customers need. Company’s name in bold and valuable information.


Standees are widely known for their marketing concerns along with different sizes. 2x5 ft., 2.5x6 ft., and 3x6 ft. are the most usual sizes used by the companies. 2.5 x 6 feet standee will be a standard size.


Due to its less weight and easily being rolled in a bag. It makes it transferability easy for marketers. This also seeks for convenience. Exhibition standees have more mobility to be traveled 


To attract someone, you have to distract them first. People are easily being inclined toward something that’s either deflected to them. Most of the time standee stands beside where people pass by. They grab attention.


Standee printing is easily done by the printers in large format. Even in emergency events, standee could be an easy task for putting up in an event.


Events are all going processes. All the equipment used once can be used in the future. Make sure to design the layout that prominently highlights the company's name and details that fall into address, contact, etc.

The placement of a standee

Too many expenses on a standee in an exhibition. But failed to place it in the right position. Exhibition standees require the most to know how to use them cleverly.

  •  A proper placement brings more visibility
  • It becomes more attentive
  • at an entrance or beside a gate
  • Choose a location where people travel the most
  • Your banner should play like a map guide
  • near a reception desk

How to design an appealing standee

  • Your logo is your identity. Keep it visible to the audience.
  • Keep your resolution 300 dots per inch. Using a high-quality image is a reason why people are inclined to clarity.
  • Design the layout with friendly colors and font. Be picky with the color as they are presenting your brand.
  • Bring something creativity