Print large posters using a photo-quality printer to enhance your wall

We all had our childhood spent with big posters of our favorite heroes. This period is the one we cherished. It was not easy to have a poster but now you can design whatever you desire to have. 

The mixing of the actors, the dreams affirmation, aesthetic view or our protagonist. Poster printing is one of the best jobs I think. You have customized options, the quality and the quantity in your hand.

Just because the digital world has been globalized much in addition to that it had reduced the workload for a man.

We love printing posters either for our walls, bedrooms, living or spaces station.

Here are some tips:

Color setting

First of all, start with editing your image in Adobe Photoshop. Why I chose adobe is because of its updated features and color based quality. CMYK color mode in options would give the best function to your design regarding colors.

  1. 2.      Be prepared for the editing tools

If you are a designer you probably know how to design in vectors. But if you are looking for a picture that can be easily downloaded for a wallpaper or poster elements that can also be done. Adobe Photoshop or illustration is fine good at producing editing material regarding custom wallpaper. 

  1. 3.      Don’t compromise on your resolution

Poster painting is an art that precisely is observed through the lenses of the pixels. Giving high definition to the images can be done by quality printers. 300 dots per inch should be the resolution of your poster size image.

Poster Print

Chose a paper

Posters are specifically designed to enhance the quality of the content. Whatever is been used on the paper redefined the attribution of the paper. Photo-quality poster printing must be done on standard sizes of posters like A2, A3, and A4. Glossy paper can also be a good choice for printing posters.

 Which printer

After spending maximum hours editing or paraphrasing the image, if your printing is not that good it will not make much difference. Either a wallpaper printing or creating a custom wallpaper, a well evident print prove is needed. 

Big posters require big printers. That’s good enough if you have that or you can approach a computer job for your prints. Posters for advertisement purposes are mostly done on lithographic printing but this cost much. Substituting this from a high-quality printer could also give good results to you (but not that like of lithographic printing). For A3, digital printers can be a good choice. If it exceeds A4 then lithographic will give a finishing look.

Wallpaper printing for home decoration challenges good quality printer services. Again If you are looking for wallpaper sizes on your wall.


Custom wallpaper can be enlarged by a scanner. Low-resolution pictures can also be maximized with the help of a scanner. For good quality results, the setting can be kept for 600 dpi in tiff files. However, photo-quality poster printing highlights the images more for larger usage.