Collage making is the art of placing your family photos or cut-outs and other materials on a single sheet.  Collage can also be made on the computer using images downloaded from the internet or from wedding album or your childhood memory.  Collage can be made of at times people assemble trash items put them together and create a perfect collage. This collage then can be print on photo paper or Canvas sheet. Collage print on canvas can last more than 50 years.

Let us first know things we need to keep in mind while creating a collage.

collage maker

Theme of the collage

First and foremost it is essential that you decide on a theme for the collage. Only when the theme is decided will the ideas for execution start flowing. For example, if you desire to make a collage of photos of your teenage years you will pick up photos only those were taken during that period. You can gift collage to your spouse by selecting photos from wedding album. This could be the best gift to Husband from Wife or from Wife to Husband on its 1stanniversary. Even your child 1st years photo can be best to showcase on its First Birthday

Creating a balanced centre image

For better impact, it is advisable that the centrepiece is such that grabs the maximum attention. This photo should be bigger than others and should be one that matches the theme to the maximum extent.

Plan out which images to use

It is very vital that all the images that you intend to use in your collage be selected in advance. Also, set realistic goals on when you intend to finish the collage project. Just gathering the stuff is not enough, you need to set up a deadline on when the project should be over and then aim to execute it accordingly.

Pick up pictures of different sizes

While making a collage the impact is very important, hence it becomes very important that all pictures are of different sizes. Otherwise, we can also cut them and adjust according to the space we have. As mentioned before be careful that the centrepiece of the collage is bigger than the rest.

Maintain the aspect ratio of the image

While making a collage one should not drag the image on the single side as it will hamper aspect ratio of the image.

Try to select high-resolution image for best quality print

Making a collage one should not select lower resolution images as it will hamper quality while printing collage. Try to select high-resolution photo so print quality will be superb.

Making a collage is not only a nice way to spend some free time sometimes schools and colleges also give it as an assignment to students so that they can gain knowledge on the topic given. Whatever be the reason due to its nature collage making can be a fun task or an enriching experience both at the same time.

If you don’t have time to make collage we can help you build you the perfect masterpiece for the wall. Send us photos on email with your desired size and will make the best collage of our best designers. Or upload photos on the site to create the collage by yourself.

Last, not least collage printed on Canvas will be the masterpiece on your wall for long years.