Art Canvas Prints

If you don't believe art prints are in high demand, just try watching a show like "House Hunters". If you had a ruppes for every time someone said the phrase " art prints" you could pay your cable bill.

Why art prints?

-- They're durable. It's not uncommon for century-old homes to have the original art prints. With proper care, art prints will outlive almost any other prints.

-- They look rich. When the cost of vinyl prints and carpeting got low enough, art prints were reserved for high-end applications.

Is there a downside to art prints?

-- They can be expensive. It's printed on high-quality material. Canvas gives gorgeous grains we want in our art prints. It also means that the prints give a 3D effect or depth to the photo.

Okay, you want that   Canvas art prints. What are the alternatives?

-- Traditional photo printing. This is the most basic option. It can also be difficult to install. Such a photo will require heavy frames.

-- Laminates. These are pre-finished and are easy for even the moderately talented do-it-yourselfer to install. Once installed laminate art prints look just like the "real" thing. Usually less expensive.

-- Photo over composite. Basically, this is a photograph of wood grain glued to a composite base. Usually the least expensive, these faux-   art prints are also the least durable.

   art prints, especially laminates, come in a wide array of colors and finishes. Make a quick tour of shops or Home Depot to get an idea of what your cost might be.

Whether you like striking contemporary or you prefer cozy rustic, there's an art for you...